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Quality Prescription Spectacles Glasses and Eyewear at Budget prices. Designer Frames, Sunglasses, Reading Glasses. Bifocal Lenses available. Give your old glasses a facelift, have your favourite old frames fitted with crystal clear new lenses. Tints, hardcoats and anti-reflective coating all help to enhance the quality of your eyesight. All frames come with a no quibble money back guarentee. Call and talk to an optician with over 30 years experience, your personal online optician. Possibly the cheapest highest quality spectacles on the web. Cheap prescription glasses top quality spec. All glasses come with standard CR39 plastic lenses. If you want a pair of prescription specs that you cannot see on the site call or email your requirements. High Quality Prescription Glasses at Rock Bottom prices I guarantee the best quality specs at prices you will not believe Prices from 15.13 including lenses

Bifocals start from 35.13, including frame!

Plus FREE Hard Case and cleaning cloth Happy for you to use your own favourite frames My name is Richard Hutchings, I am an independent optician with over thirty years experience fitting spectacles and I am passionate about the provision of good fitting good quality eyewear to those of you who have to wear glasses I like to move with the times and current trends. The internet is a tremendous way of bringing your very own personal optician into your home at the click of a mouse I do not wish just to simply sell you glasses I want to help you understand the need for choosing the best pair of glasses for your requirements and then guide you through my simple online ordering process, giving you the confidence to buy your specs online from me, building a trusting professional relationship that will ensure that you will be happy for me to supply your spectacle needs for many years to come. I am always happy to give honest advice over the telephone, I want you to treat me like your personal dedicated optician. I am totally committed to providing absolute customer satisfaction and to that end I provide a thirty day, full refund, no quibble guarantee - even if you don't like the colour of the frame you have chosen! At Optical Mail Order my vision is to ensure that everyone can enjoy eyewear that is stylish and cheap I can help you save money; rather than ordering your glasses from a High Street Optician I can offer you a fantastic range of frames and lenses, including designer and rimless eyeglasses at greatly reduced prices. As I said earlier, I am passionate about providing affordable eye care to anyone who requires vision correction, follow the instructions and you will be enjoying discount glasses for the rest of your life. We have designed this website to be easy to use no fancy gimmicks just click on the boxes to the left of your screen and make your choice. SUNGLASSES As well as single vision glasses I can also supply bifocal glasses reading glasses and

prescription sunglasses

all at incredibly low prices. You can choose any frame from any of our selections and just add the 'Dark tint' (sunglass) option and create your own unique pair of sunglasses. Visit our 'Help and Advice' page for more useful information about the benefits of wearing and ordering sunglasses. RE-USE YOUR OWN FRAMES Useful information about the benefits of wearing and ordering sunglasses Creating your own unique pair of sunglasses To create your own unique pair of sunglasses, instead of going to our Sunglasses range, click on any of our other frame types and find a frame you like. Decide whether you require single or bi-focal lenses and enter all your prescription details as you would when ordering any pair of spectacles from our site. Then, from the Tint or Photo chromatic drop down box choose 'Dark brown' or 'Dark Grey' - these tints are the same depth of tint that are used in most sunglasses - equivalent to the tints in our sunglasses range. Photochromatic and Polorized tints are also available. Why you should keep a pair of sunglasses in your car. Driving in low winter sun conditions, bright summer sunshine glare from the road surface, especially when wet, after a summer shower. We all know how blinding this can be, so never be without a pair of sunglasses to hand whilst driving. Wearing sunglasses will reduce stress whilst driving by minimising disabling glare and distracting reflection from well worn tarmac, also providing minimal peripheral distraction, helping to judge bends and the road ahead perfectly. UV rays and your eyes Extended exposure to the sun's UV rays has been linked to eye damage, including cataracts, macular degeneration. Over exposure to UVB rays can cause photokeratitis, commonly known as 'snow blindness' which causes temporary vision loss for up to 48 hours - the risk for this condition is greater at high altitudes due to the increased levels of UVB, but can occur anywhere there is snow. You must therefore ensure that the sunglasses you use in such conditions have adequate UVB protection, in the same way as you should ensure you are using an adequate sunblocking cream for your skin. Surprisingly, cloud cover doesn't affect UV levels significantly. Your risk of UV exposure can be quite high even on hazy or overcast days. For more information on this topic please email me at optician@optishop.co.uk


with polarized lenses.


sunglasses take the glare off the water surface allowing you to see below the water line. SEE THE FISH BEFORE THEY ARE HOOKED. Fishing sunglasses also protect and rest your eyes from the extra ultraviolet radiation that’s reflected off the water surface, making your eyes Understanding Your Spectacles Prescription A prescription is normally written out like this: R. -2.00/ -1.75 X 155 The first figure that you will see on a prescription is the SPHERE power (abbreviated Sph). This is the main power of the prescription the preceding sign is very important, when it is a minus sign it represents a correction for myopia (shortsighted) e.g. -2.00, and when it is a positive sign it represent a correction for hypermetropia (longsighted) e.g. +1.00. Sometimes the prescription may be written with a DS after the Sphere power e.g.: +1.00DS. The "DS" signifies Dioptres Sphere, which is the unit of measurement for spectacle power. More often than not the DS sign is not written. The next figure you see is the CYLINDER power (abbreviated cyl). This represents the astigmatism in your prescription. Often this figure is shown like this -1.75cyl. The astigmatic power is always along a certain angle (axis) from 0 to 180 degrees, e.g. -1.75 x175. Sometimes the sphere and cylinder powers can be separated by a slash The R. signifies the right eye. (L. for the left). The right eye is always given first. e.g. Rt +2.75 / -3.50 x 125 L. +3.00 -2.00 X 55 R. +2.50/ -1.00 x 180 L. +3.25 / -1.25 x 10 This prescription indicates that you are hypermetropic (longsighted), plus have a small amount of astigmatism. Reading prescription. If single vision spectacles are required ie for distance or reading only, the prescription will be written as the above examples. Sometimes the prescription will be written with an ADD power after it e.g: R +2.50/-1.00 x 55 L +2.00/ -2.00 x 35 ADD +2.50 In particular if you are aged 45 or over. This indicates that you are presbyopic and need an additional power to help you read. You can have presbyopia in addition to any of the prescriptions above, or you may have only presbyopia and perfect distance vision. In the previous example, to obtain the Reading part of the prescription you add +2.50 to the sphere power ie +5.00/ -1.00 x 55 L +4.50/-2.00 x 35 When ordering bifocals or multifocals the distance vision power correction is given with an add power e.g. R -1.00/-1.25 x 55 ADD +2.00 L -1.50/-1.50x165 ADD +2.00 If you wanted just the reading power from the above prescription, again you just add the +2.00 to the Sphere power. In this example it would be: R (-1.00 add+2.00 = +1.00) Right +1.00 / -1.25 x 55 L (-1.50 add +2.00 = +0.50) Left would read +0.50 / -1.50 x165 The complete reading prescription would read: R +1.00 / -1.25 x 55 L +0.50 / -1.50 x 165. WHEN ORDERING GLASSES PLEASE BE CAREFUL IN ENTERING THE CORRECT SIGN ie +(plus) OR (minus). PLEASE NOTE: THE PRESCRIPTION FOR CONTACT LENSES IS OFTEN DIFFERENT TO YOUR


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