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Anti Reflection coatings.. a coating on the lens surface that greatly reduces the annoying reflections from the surface of the lens. Ideal for night driving as it cuts down on the reflections from oncoming headlights. Also reduces annoying back reflections, if you are sitting with a window behind you. Cosmetically improves the appearance of the lenses by reducing reflections a person eyes can be seen more clearly almost making the appearance of the lenses disappear when worn on the face. The lenses generally will give off a deep Blue/green reflection. Can be found on  binocular lenses, camera lenses  on all optical instruments. Highly recommended.

Hard Coat…. A hard coat which is applied to the surface of the lenses to protect the lenses from day to day wear reducing the likelihood of scratching the lens surface.

Photochromatic Lenses…Lenses that change colour in different light conditions can come in many different disguises,such as Transitions... Reactions…, Colormatics. Again different manufactures have different names. Generally the come in grey and brown but other colours are available. They help protect from glare as they automatically adapt to outside conditions, meaning you can see more clearly. Help protect from eye fatigue as they constantly even out light variations and block harmful UV light rays helping to preserve eye health. As you walk indoors from outside they quickly loose their tint colour therefore no need to keep taking them on and off like traditional sunglasses.

Polarized lenses… Polarized sunglasses take the glare off the water surface allowing you to see below the water line. SEE THE FISH BEFORE THEY ARE HOOKED. Polarized lenses also protect and rest your eyes from the extra  ultraviolet radiation that’s reflected off the water surface, making your eyes feel less tried at the end of the day.Ideal for all watersports such as windsurfing, Sailing, Fishing. Polarized lenses can also be combined with photochromatic lenses.

Standard tints…Tints can be applied to plastic lenses in virtually any colour and density, the most common colours are grey and brown available from light tints to dark tints.


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